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About Me

Gospel Darlington is a full-stack blockchain developer with 6+ years of experience in the software development industry.

By combining Software Development, writing, and teaching, he demonstrates how to build decentralized applications on EVM-compatible blockchain networks.

His stacks include JavaScript, React, Vue, Angular, Node, React Native, NextJs, Solidity, and more.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Blockchain
  • ReactJs
  • ReactNative
  • VueJs
  • NextJs
  • NodeJs
  • AngularJs
  • PHP
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What I do

Software Development

Do you have a designed UI/UX prototype? At a reasonable cost, I will assist you to translate your ideas from Figma or Adobe XD into a real-world solution.

Technical Writing

Are you ready to exemplify your product to your prospective users? I have a track record of demonstrating tech products to a diverse range of online audiences.

Code Instructorship

Do you want to learn coding in a one-on-one mentorship session? I will privately coach you from a complete beginner to a master at a flexible schedule.

YouTube Creator

I produce web3 video content for YouTube, Udemey, and other course content marketplaces.

Technical Skills


Professional Skills

  • Communication
  • Mentorship
  • Project Management
  • Creativity


Bachelor of Computer Science From Ignatius Ajuru University of Education Port Harcourt


I graduated from college with a CS degree of CGPA of 4.09/5.0 and moving on to completing my M.Sc.

High School Degree From Western Ahoada County High School


I completed my high school degree with a lightening speed entrance into the university.

Work Experience

Intern Course Instructor at Dept. of Computer Science IAUOE

Responsibility :
  • Course Instructorship
  • Administrative Assistance

Technical Writer (Remote) At CometChat

Responsibility :
  • Project Development
  • Tutorial Writing

Software Developer (Full-Time) At GIT Technologies Ltd.

Responsibility :
  • Project Development
  • Project Management
  • Programming Tutor

Software Developer (Internship) At White Creativity

Responsibility :
  • Programming Tutor
  • Project Development

Recent Portfolio

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  • Web Dev
  • Mobile Dev
  • Graphics
  • ML Dev
  • Technical Writing

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Pricing Table

Web 3.0 Classes

You want a private class with me?

$47 per hour
  • Smart Contract Development
  • DApp Development with React
  • Testing and Scripting
  • Mentorship Tips
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Do you have a unique request?

$55 per hour
  • Help me resolve my code
  • Advice me on a Web3 Project
  • Design me a Web3 Project
  • Audit my smart contract
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Project Development

You want me to build for you?

$ Partnership
  • Build me a Smart Contract
  • Build me a DApp
  • Write me a Technical article
  • Hire me for your brand
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